It's a calling -
Not a job

You know how to bring out the best in others, to bring people together

in teams and to ignite their passion to do amazing things.

But for all you've accomplished, a voice inside you says that your main act still lies ahead –
that there is a way to use your talents to make the world better.

If you're driven to do more, if you're driven to use your leadership skills to make your world better, to

improve our schools and to build a brighter future for boys and girls in Ohio, then BRIGHT wants you.
It turns out that the very skills you've forged in life hold the power to turn around struggling schools in Ohio.

Join us and we'll prepare you to meet the most fulfilling challenge of your career.

Woman clapping in excitement for Bright Fellowship

The BRIGHT Fellowship is an innovative effort to recruit and train proven leaders from varied professions and place them where our best and brightest are most needed — in underserved public schools struggling with low achievement.

We seek extraordinary leaders from different walks of life – education, business, military, government, philanthropy and nonprofits – to become BRIGHT Fellows and prepare to take on the challenge of leading an underserved public school or district in Ohio.

How the Fellowship Works


The Fellowship combines rigorous coursework leading to a world-class custom tailored Executive MBA and an exclusive K-12 school principal licensure. Other features include a year-long school leadership residency, student-teaching preparation, and individual leadership coaching for every Fellow. - Oh, and did we mention the BRIGHT Fellowship is fully funded? There is no cost to our Fellows whatsoever. 


Learn how we get you ready for the toughest job you’ll ever love

Man standing, smiling about Bright Fellowship

Woman smiling about Bright Fellowship

The Fellowship Experience


The Fellowship Experience is like nothing you’ve been through before. It is a reimagining of how learning can be, where essential experience meets world-class education. Our 2-year program will prepare you to lead in K-12 education like no other program does.


Learn how life as a Fellow can be

What it Takes to be a Bright Fellow


Children deserve the best education we can give them. While there are dedicated teachers and principals, there are still persistent inequities in schools. Become a BRIGHT Fellow to lead the change to better support students, their families and our communities.


Are you ready to impact the lives of students, families and communities?


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