Great Leaders Drive
Great Schools.

BRIGHT is a fresh, bold effort to provide leaders in K-12 education with exceptional training. We believe high-performing, successful schools start with exceptional leaders, who then hire and develop exceptional teachers, who foster learning environments for students to increase positive student access, opportunity, and outcomes. Great leaders drive great schools.


Our leadership development programs are a paradigm shift from traditional training models. We are a unique partnership between the Fisher College of Business and the College of Education and Human Ecology at The Ohio State University. Because of this distinct collaboration, our approach to K-12 leadership training is innovative, diverse, and without equal.

The BRIGHT Fellowship


The BRIGHT Fellowship is an innovative effort to recruit and train proven leaders from varied professions and place them where our best and brightest are most needed — in underserved public schools struggling with low achievement.


Are you ready to create a brighter future for thousands of young people?


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Leadership Development Programs


In addition to the BRIGHT Fellowship, we an array of creative and extraordinary leadership development programs. We are currently developing new programs and and offer opportunities to work with new partners to create customized programs.


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